Leading several diverse projects, the Franco-German trumpeter and guitarist Theo Kaiser is recognizable for his style: elegant simplicity of the melodies, lyrical improvisations, on top of a rhythmic-harmonic base inspired by contemporary jazz .

Wishing to write for an acoustic Quintet, he decided to focus exclusively on trumpet for his last project. This allowed him to create textures with the saxophone, getting inspired inside the traditional music sphere from Scandinavia, to the Middle East and also Eastern Europe.

For this new project, Theo Kaiser surrounded himself with brilliant musicians he met during his three years in Germany: the pianist Philip Frischkorn (Eva Klesse Quartet, Trio Diktion ...), saxophonist Gustav Geissler (Moritz Sembritzky " Körper "), bassist Paul Lapp (Philip Frischkorn Trio, Paul Lapp Forum) and finally Maximilian Stadtfeld on drums.

In March 2017, the band will be touring in Europe, a good opportunity to create and experiment new songs, prints of a voyage which should be printed on an Album next year !


Theo Kaiser : Trumpet

Gustav Geißler : Alto Saxophon

Philip Frischkorn : Piano

Paul Lapp : Double Bass

Max Stadtfeld : Drums