Theo Kaiser "Earth" first EP to be released soon on Bandcamp !


In june I invited the amazing french cellist Guillaume Latil to record a song as a duo. Here is the result and it’s called « The Seed ». I’m very happy to share this new video with you.




Theo Kaiser is a french trumpet and guitar player who currently lives in Leipzig, Germany.

Born in 1989, Theo discovers Jazz in 2006 by listening to Trumpet Masters like Miles Davis, Chet Baker or Louis Armstrong. Two years later, he starts studying jazz Trumpet and jazz Guitar at the Lille Academy of Music and joins a couple of bands in Lille, mostly with musicians from the "Collectif Thalweg". He continues his studies at the Brussels Royal Academy of Music, where he graduates from two Bachelors in 2012. Then, he finishes his Master at the "Leipziger Hochschule für Musik".

Meeting many musicians, he enters the universe of folk and world music, styles in which he can fully express his musicality. His different projects lead him to play in many European countries.

Theo Kaiser likes to arrange and to write music, topics on which he focused during his studies. He also tries to make every step of musical production creative: composition, arrangement, recording but also edition and production.